AED Concierge Management Program

Through AED Concierge®, we ensure that your organization has an AED
program in place to keep you current with any and all legal requirements,
and most importantly, to equip you to save lives when confronted with
Sudden Cardiac Arrest events. This means that while we focus on what we
do best — manage AED programs for our clients, you can stay focused on
what you do best

• Risk and Legal Consultation
• Medical Prescription and Oversight
• Written Policies and Procedures
• Assigned AED Concierge® Specialist
• Customized AED Concierge® Web Portal
• Automated Battery and Electrode Replacement
• Formalized Dispatch (911) Notification Letters
• Governmental AED Registration
• Site Assessment Evaluation
• Post Sudden Cardiac Arrest Event Services
(Data Download and Physician Review)

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