About Us

About Us

We are AED Authority

Our Story

In 2006, AED Authority® was established by Ashton Narva. He started out as simple distributor selling and assembling AEDs and cabinets out of his home. Having been in the industry for years, Ashton saw the unmet need for a better, easier way for organizations to own and maintain AEDs. He spent the next two years working closely with varied clients and software developers to create a program that meets the unique needs of current and future clients in the public access marketplace. In 2008, Ashton launched the AED Concierge® program. From these humble entrepreneurial beginnings, customers are able to rest easy knowing that their AEDs are well maintained and perpetually ready to rescue in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. Since then, AED sales and the AED Concierge® program have grown exponentially enabling AED Authority® to reach out globally. We are SIMPLIFYING SAVING LIVES WORLDWIDE.

What makes us different?

We are passionate about our mission to offer life-saving devices while providing exceptional service and doing it all with the integrity demanded from a company that handles life-saving products. The entrepreneurial spirit that founded AED Authority® continues to this day as we continually engage various partners, industry leaders and our customers to ensure we excel at offering the best product in the AED market. We are not a division of another company – this is OUR BUSINESS! We are focused on delivering the best, competitively priced, products available in the AED market coupled with the unsurpassed customer service of our AED Concierge® program.

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