Legalities & Liability

Legalities & Liability

AED Authority® is here to be your resource for Legalities and Liabilities when it comes to your AED responsibilities.

AED programs can be developed in a way that makes them effective and manages liability risks. In addition, Good Samaritan immunity laws exist which may provide another layer of protection.
Many state AED Statutes/Codes have requirements that must be followed in order to qualify for immunity. Examples of some of the operational requirements found in these statutes include:

  • Medical oversight and direction
  • AED Maintenance and ongoing records of this maintenance
  • Written AED policies and procedures
  • Agency notification of the type and placement of AEDs
  • AED training
  • Post Event Services

These laws, combined with wider use of AEDs and mounting evidence that AEDs improve survival rates, are leading to evolving standards of care.
AED Authority® continually monitors existing and new AED laws. For example, there are currently 226 new AED Bills in front of various legislatures in the United States alone. AED Authority® maintains a reference library of AED laws; for copies of these please contact us.

  • Compliance
  • Medical Direction & Oversight
  • Agency notification
  • Post Event Services
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